Top 1990s Movies That Explore Suburban America

More than half of all Americans live in the suburbs, so it's no wonder that suburbia is a subject of much fascination for people all across the country. The examination of suburban life has been explored in art, music, and films. Perhaps movies have done the best job of representing what the suburban experience is truly like. If you want to see the best representations of suburban life in 1990s movies, check out one (or all) of these fantastic movies.

Lights, Camera, Action! How To Plan A Movie-Themed Day The Entire Family Will Love

Finding time to connect with your family isn't always easy in our fast-paced world, but it's something you can't afford to neglect. In the future, your children won't remember much about your career or the time you spent climbing the corporate ladder, but they will remember the special times you shared together as a family. While vacations are nice, they aren't always practical or affordable. Planning a special movie-themed family day is like going on a mini vacation.

Get Rid Of The Box, But Keep Your Shows: TV Without Cable Or Satellite

Most Americans have at least one television in their home, and the average family has more than 2. Considering these facts, it must be a very affordable to watch tv. But is it? If you have cable or satellite, you may not think so. Fortunately, there are other options and advantages to getting rid of your cable or satellite television provider. Here are a few things to think about. With Satellite, You Get What You Pay For