2 Reasons To Watch A Documentary About Your Favorite Comedian

Sometimes you want to watch a comedian, but you've already either seen all their shows, or the show just isn't what you are in the mood to watch. However, that doesn't alleviate the urge to watch your favorite comedian. So, what can you do? Well, one thing that you can do is look to see if there is a documentary about the comedian that you can watch. There a lot of really good reasons why you might want to watch a stand up comedy documentary

Never Before Seen Scenes

One reason is that you might be able to see scenes and bits from concerts that you've never seen before. The concerts may have been edited down for length or for other reasons, so you wouldn't have seen those things before. There is also the chance that you will get to see the comedian performing bits that were recorded at the start of their career. That would let you see things that would show you how they evolved from the comedian they were to the comedian that they are now. You get to see how their jokes have changed as well as their timing. 

Friends and Family

Another reason to watch one of these documentaries is that you are going to get the chance to hear the comedian's friends and family talk about them. You will be able to learn what they are like as a person, not just a comedian. Their friends and family will talk about things they did as a child or how they all became friends. You will get to know the comedian on a more personal level, even if you are never going to meet them face to face. That can also help you get to have a deeper appreciation of their humor and their jokes. You'll get to know the comedian's background and what they may have gone through in order to get to the point where they are now in their career. That deeper understanding can also help you when it comes to sharing your favorite comedian with your friends and family. 

Having a favorite comedian means that you can get the laughs you want whenever you need them. It also may mean that you want to get a better understanding of the comedian and to learn more about them. That's when finding a documentary about them will help you learn what you are interested in as well as let you enjoy more things about your favorite.