Lights, Camera, Action! How To Plan A Movie-Themed Day The Entire Family Will Love

Finding time to connect with your family isn't always easy in our fast-paced world, but it's something you can't afford to neglect.

In the future, your children won't remember much about your career or the time you spent climbing the corporate ladder, but they will remember the special times you shared together as a family.

While vacations are nice, they aren't always practical or affordable. Planning a special movie-themed family day is like going on a mini vacation. Not only is it fun for the entire family, you can get the kids involved in planning the event.

With a little planning, you can pull off a spectacular event that your entire family will enjoy.

Call a family meeting

Go over everyone's schedules and pick a date that works for all family members. This should be done about a month before the event. Decide on a time and the length of the event.

Contact your local movie theater

Search online or contact your local movie theater for upcoming movie releases. Select a few movies that are age appropriate for all family members. Upcoming animated movies are always a good choice if you have smaller children, but even teens and adults find animated films delightful and fun.

Once you choose a few movies, let the family members vote on which movie they would like to see.

Announce the event

Make a poster to announce the event. The whole family can help design the poster, and even the smallest child can help color or paint the poster.

Hang the poster on the refrigerator or the family bulletin board where it will serve as a visual reminder of the big day and build excitement about the event.

Dress for the occasion

Depending on the theme of the movie, you may want to dress up for the event. Many popular movies begin promoting merchandise before the release of the film. You could purchase tee shirts for each family member or dress in attire that goes with the movie theme.

Make your own concession stand

Consider creating your own concession stand at home. Individual boxes of popcorn, candy bars, soda on ice, and your family's favorite candies or confections will work well. Shopping for the treats together before the big day is another way to get the kids involved.

Everyone can enjoy a few treats before heading out to watch the movie. This will save you money, eliminate sticky hands, buttery fingers, and unexpected spills during the movie. It will also take away the stress of trying to hold drinks and snacks that little hands can't accommodate.

After the movie

You may want to plan a dinner date following the movie. Think about the theme of the movie and gear dinner towards the theme.

For instance, was a certain food served in the movie or did the movie focus on a specific ethnic food such as Mexican, Italian, or Greek?

Discuss the movie over dinner and let each family member share their favorite scene or quote from the movie.

Planning a movie-themed family day is a fun way to get the family to spend some quality time together. You may even consider making it a monthly or quarterly family event. Not only will you be kept up to date on the latest movies, you will be creating beautiful family memories that will last a lifetime.

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